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In and out of Phili…

Flew in to phili at noon and on the way to the airport flying back out… gave a symposium in between… but I also wish I could see more of the conference and of Philadelphia, seems like a cool town…

Here’s to “The Dude”… I love that Jeff Bridges seems like he is “The Dude” in real life, except with a job…

Watching the Oscars…

Random Stat Fact Of The Day:

The variance of any given variable is simply its standard deviation squared… Thus, the standard deviation is the square-root of the variance…

The conceptual differences between mediators, moderators, and suppressors are explained in an easy to understand, and hopefully entertaining, video. The video is presented by Jeremy J. Taylor, of Vary Your Stats Consulting.

Dr. Grayson Holmbeck discusses both mediators and moderators, in the context of both regression and path analysis.

David Kenny’s website has a very helpful page detailing several methods of analysis of Mediation.

David Kenny’s website has a very helpful page detailing several methods of analysis of moderation.

Key Journal Articles for Testing Mediators, Moderators, and Suppressors

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